How much diced beef for

a casserole for 3 people?

Chef_mckenzie3000, Jun 9, 9:46 pm

IMO 500g should be plenty. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jun 10, 1:33 am


Chef_mckenzie3000, Jun 10, 1:38 am

We use about 75 - 100g per person with meat.

Chef_lythande1, Jun 10, 7:17 am

this :)

Chef_rainrain1, Jun 10, 1:19 pm

Depends. What sort of casserole? Lots of veg going into it? Also what are you thinking of serving with it and . did you want leftovers for lunches or to put aside for another meal or makeover (pasties, pies etc)?

Chef_sampa, Jun 9, 11:09 pm

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