Nutribullet Pro for person with eating inability

Have spent a few days reading the threads and comments on Nutribullet and Ninja and have taken the plunge and purchased the Nutribullet Pro. I am interested in further feedback from those who make "meals " to assist people with any digestive or health issues and best combinations. My husband can not eat or drink (feeds thru tummy) so keen to try and get more natural nutrients in. Might help with a bit of weight gain. Any information on what has worked will be greatly appreciated

Chef_melinda1, Aug 3, 12:25 pm

Just be careful with seeds and kernels inside fruit, some is poisonous.
I'd ask your husband actually, just because he doesn't get to taste it or eat it the normal way doesn't mean he can't still have some preferences.

Chef_lythande1, Aug 3, 4:23 pm

Thanks Lythande1- he's a tad excited even though it isn't swallowed!

Chef_melinda1, Aug 3, 7:56 pm

I bought a soupmaker from farmers. it has a tube to fit inside for making almond milk. I use that to make the fibre very fine.i make something that is like a thick soup or gravy it is goldair brand I think.
I have had 18 months of being unable to eat and have been prescribed ensure powder. that put the weight on.its like living on thickshakes

Chef_mothergoose_nz, Jan 23, 12:49 pm

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