Best Banana Muffins.EVER!

easy to do in one bowl and a saucer.
melt butter first, let cool, add eggs and sugar sift your dry ingr on top, fold in with banana.

Chef_lilyfield, Feb 6, 9:03 am

It's a great recipe, I made these today and they really are the best ones I've made for flavour. Loved the nutmeg cinnamon combination. I didn't need 4 bowls either, managed well with 2, one for dry and one for wet. I used half white and half brown flour, our preference and also added some poppy seeds and chopped walnuts. Recipe made 12 good sized muffins.

Chef_nauru, Feb 8, 6:15 pm

bumping for Fee

Chef_nauru, Feb 11, 12:16 am

bumping again for behappy

Chef_nauru, Mar 22, 7:15 pm


Chef_behappy18, Mar 22, 8:29 pm

Could I add choc chips to these ?

Chef_catlover7, Mar 26, 6:18 pm

Thank you for sharing but l don't have any bananas will have to go on the scrounge for some

Chef_griffo4, Mar 27, 5:49 pm

Yes, you can add chips catlover, I think I put in ¼ cup. Also I made carrot muffins from the same recipe using grated carrot instead of bananas. Results form both were good. As my above post states, I use ½ brown ½ white flours.

Chef_nauru, Mar 27, 6:47 pm

Im going to try these with blueberries, they were cheap today so need to use them, love nigellas recipes

Chef_kiwiscrapper1, Mar 30, 1:03 am

Yum. Doing these tomorrow !

Chef_lindanz, Mar 30, 9:23 pm

yum just read this 20 minutes ago and the muffins are now made and currently cooking . i needed to use the last 3 brown bananas so perfect timing :)

Chef_raebee, Mar 31, 8:53 pm

Made them last night and they are very yummy and will have to make blueberry ones with this recipe

Chef_griffo4, Mar 31, 9:08 pm

This recipe is great with blueberries too, I added pinch of mixed spice to mine and topped with flaked almonds (my pref.).

Chef_nauru, Apr 1, 8:19 pm

yes they turned out beautifully - so light and moist. but i think i'd add mixed spice next time too (or more of the cinnamon) and i think blueberries would be great too. just seemed a little plain as they were.

Chef_raebee, Apr 1, 8:44 pm

I add chopped walnuts to the original recipe, which make them nicer.

Chef_nauru, Apr 2, 8:02 pm

Yum and I have 3 over ripe bananas in my fruit bowl . . . only so many smoothies I cann drink in a day!

Chef_murfee, Apr 3, 9:38 pm

Thankyou so much for this Recipie. Ive just made some and Yay they are so yummy and so easy to make. and not too sweet. Thankyou so much. Just made my Sunday afternoon :). and no doubt a whole lot more Sundays great too . :).

Chef_macjunior, Jun 15, 3:43 pm

This is the only recipe that I use for sweet muffins now as it's so easy and I only use ½ the amount of sugar stated. I often change the ingredients to suite what I have or fancy and they have always turned out well so light, moist and tasty. I even added some left over porridge to my last batch and they were really nice. Thanks to english rose for the link.

Chef_nauru, May 28, 3:17 pm

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