I've made the christmas cake. Now how do I go

uli, Dec 1, 5:31am
bump for others that need to know how to keep their cake "free from mould and other nasties. "

calista, Dec 1, 6:21am
Actually storing it in a safe to which only you know the combination would keep it safe from the two legged predators.

nauru, Dec 1, 6:31am
Lol, I have that problem too

elsielaurie1, Dec 2, 7:59pm
about keeping it fresh and free from mould and other nasties, until it's needed. (Hubby suggested eating it now! )

cookessentials, Dec 2, 8:11pm
Of course he did! LOL. Did you brush the hot cake with brandy or whiskey? You can poke a few small holes in the cake and drop little bits of either to let it soak in to the cake ( they are good preservers) I wrap mine in tinfoil so that it is well covered. I then wrap well in a tea-towel and store in a cool dark place.

elsielaurie1, Dec 2, 8:18pm
Thank you. I have mine wrapped in a tea-towel was going to place it in a cake tin. I like the hint about the brandy etc. I don't have any spirits. Would orange juice be just as good?

kay141, Dec 2, 8:28pm
I doubt orange juice would do. I think the preservative is the alcohol.

village.green, Dec 2, 8:30pm
I decided to freeze mine for the first time ever as mentioned on these boards to experiment. I always worry that it being summer (kind of) that it is too warm in NZ for the cake even though I don't think I've had one go off before. I always worry about ants. Alcohol is best I think for brushing over cake to help preserve and you can buy mini bottles for a few dollars. However I am no expert maybe someone else can answer your question re juice.

cgvl, Dec 2, 9:45pm
I do what my mother and grandmother did and that is leave it in the paper that you cooked it in, wrap in greaseproof paper, then if you have it plain newsprint then news paper and store it in a cool dark cupboard. Have never had one go mouldy yet, left one like it for nearly 2 years before remembering I had it and it was beautiful. I do use a good amount of either whisky or brandy in the cake and on top when I take it out the oven. Mother had one go mouldy once when she used an alcohol that wasn't whisky or brandy based.
Wrapping in either tin foil or glad wrap could cause it to sweat which is what causes mould, Freezing it could dry the cake out as well, others will probably disagree but in the days before freezers you just wrapped them and put them aside.
I have never tried to keep one that uses fruit juice only. I also make mine around sept normally, haven't bothered this year though.

popeye333, Dec 2, 11:39pm
I freeze mine every year. I just wrap in glad wrap and freeze. Mine are never dry. no spirits or anything in mine

elsielaurie1, Dec 3, 12:15am
Mmmmm - looks like fruit juice gets the thumbs down - understandably. So it's off to look for little mini bottle of spirits. I'd hate my 2 cakes to even get a whiff of 'going-off'. :-( Thank you all for your valued feedback and advise. Don't some of us wish we had taken more notice of what our Mum's did?

sampa, Dec 3, 12:25am
Hubby may think you've picked up a wee drop to have with the cake elsielaurie. Better hide them both away. hic. ;-)

cookessentials, Dec 3, 12:39am
no, it would need to be brandy or whiskey or some similar type of spirit.

cookessentials, Dec 3, 12:40am
I have frozen my ones that I make in the wooden cake boxes ( I cut them in to four) and they are perfect too.

elsielaurie1, Dec 3, 1:50am
Thank you. I'm going to pop into one of the local pubs and ask for a couple of shots to 'take away'! I can remember doing this years ago, made easier as my daughter worked there. I can't see any reason why I should be refused. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

harrislucinda, Dec 3, 2:49am
I just leave wrapped up in the cooking paper and putting in a tin cake tin not sure about these plastic types

maximus44, Dec 3, 6:39am
I pour brandy or sherry over it then wrap it in the paper it has been cooked in, then tinfoil then gladwrap and store in a cool place.

lodgelocum, Dec 3, 6:44am
I am probably different to everyone else! but I always keep mine in the fridge, even when it is iced. I like a cold Christmas cake. plus no fear of ants getting it!

lurtz, May 20, 6:58pm
I just wanted to say that it is lovely reading Threads like this. Very Christmassy, and sharing.

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