Help need to find awsome cake for 21st!

tadoa, May 7, 11:43pm
Doe's anyone know of a awesome cake decorator in Dunedin, last time I got cake made was at the Caversham 4square was good. BUT looking for something different. HELP please! 3weeks to go!

cookessentials, May 8, 1:09am
Here you go, this might work for you.

alebix, May 8, 1:38am
Why not try . Lisa makes the most amazing cakes...
Its not fully advertised online as yet, but I have seen her work.

They are also on Facebook if you want to see some of her work.

They are based in Timaru, but will post all over NZ. I have seen a cake she posted from Timaru to Hamilton and it arrived in perfect condition so the packaging is amazing. .

cookessentials, May 8, 1:40am
Denheath make the most beautiful custard squares too!

speedy_11, May 8, 1:41am

They send all over nz, I think she sells through trademe as well, but can't remember her username.

2kay, May 8, 11:30pm
#5 I think the lady's username might be sikofstuf. I've seen her cakes on TM before they look great! Her feedback is excellent too! I've been looking recently for my daughter's birthday... Sorry #1 she doesn't have any listings at the moment...

charli, May 8, 11:47pm is in the South Island looks great

vintagekitty, May 9, 1:13am
The Dessert Room makes gorgeous cakes

tadoa, May 9, 11:13pm
Thank you all for your help! ! !

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