Tomato q

Can you freeze red ripe tomatoes? Don't want it to go to waste.

Chef_grolaunshucar, Jul 31, 2:40 pm

Yes we freeze them whole, when we have a glut during summer from the garden. Not good to use as a fresh tomato after freezing though, but great for suaces, soups etc.

Chef_kirmag, Jul 31, 2:58 pm

Op when you freeze them make sure you double bag them if you are using supermarket bags cause if the bag breaks you will have tomatoes in every spare space of your freezer. Believe me it does happen.

Chef_samsnan, Jul 31, 4:51 pm

Wow -you have red ripe tomatoes NOW in Auckland?
Big glasshouse maybe?
Yes freeze them whole or sliced or cooked down - they will always only be good for soups or sauces or pizzas maybe - not as a fresh salad. But on no account waste them!

Chef_uli, Jul 31, 6:12 pm

I have a heap of home grown tomatoes in my freezer (that's apart from the soup, sauce & paste & dried tomatoes that I processed over the summer months). & recently, to make room for part of a cattle beast . I had a clean out & cooked up a heap of tomatoes, dash of salt & a tiny dash of sugar, sieved them & the resulting juice, with a bit of Tabasco & Worcestershire sauce, has been a lovely breakfast drink (or lunch).
They are such a wonderful thing to have in the freezer & add to casseroles etc.

Chef_samanya, Jul 31, 7:30 pm

I believe you . same here . scrabbling around in the bottom of the freezer after a bag bursts!

Chef_samanya, Jul 31, 7:31 pm

[quote=samanya. to make room for part of a cattle beast . [/quote]
What happened to the "other part" of the "cattle beast"?

Chef_uli, Jul 31, 7:55 pm

Why do you want to know?
Is it any of your business?
FYI (& to appease your nosiness) the "other part" of the cattle beast is in someone else's freezer . OK . satisfied. now?
Do you want to know which of my relatives has the other part? Hmm?
Let's get back to 'recipes' . shall we?

Chef_samanya, Jul 31, 8:25 pm

And no it is none of MY business. Just letting you know that a lot of government agencies seem to check TM lately - was all over the NZ Herald the other day - we do not want you to fall foul of any regulations concerning home kill would we now? read up on it - relatives do not count unless they live on your farm! All the best.

Chef_uli, Jul 31, 8:30 pm

Are you assuming that the cattle beast was home killed? If so, you have overstepped the mark.
I didn't say anything of the sort,.
How presumptuous of you.
I don't need you to inform me as to what is legal regards home kill, thank you!
Why did you hijack a thread about freezing tomatoes . it surely wouldn't have been just to hassle me, would it?

Chef_samanya, Jan 31, 1:16 pm

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