Snapper easy way needed to cook this please

how do you cook snapper without frying it

Chef_doreenf, Jun 5, 3:38 pm

Fillets or a whole fish?

Chef_davidt4, Jun 5, 3:39 pm


Chef_doreenf, Jun 5, 3:47 pm

I have totally forgotten im suffering from a brain freeze so any help appreciated thanks just something simple be good thank you

Chef_doreenf, Jun 5, 3:53 pm

Fillets is the cut. not the cook. You could bake it slowly or grill it. Or bake whole in tin foil with yummy stuff in there like butter, garlic, lemon, herbs you like etc etc.

Or bake the fillets in foil or baking paper with flavours you like.

Chef_kirmag, Jun 5, 3:59 pm

thank you

Chef_doreenf, Jun 5, 4:01 pm

Steam the fillets or wrap in baking paper and bake. Either way you need to add seasoning and some butter or good olive oil, plus some herbs. Olive oil, lemon and a little bit of rosemary is good, or butter plus chervil or parsley.

Or flavour with soy sauce, ginger, garlic and sesame oil.

Chef_davidt4, Jun 5, 4:11 pm

Chef_fishplants, Jun 5, 5:05 pm

Grease a plate with a little butter or oil. Sprinkle on a little finely chopped onion, and lay the fillets on this. Cover this with a plate, or foil or the lid of a similar-sized saucepan. Put the plate on top of a saucepan of boiling water and steam until the fish becomes opaque. probably about 10 minutes. There will be some liquid, which you can use to flavour white sauce or parsley sauce to eat with it. Serve with vegetables and mashed potatoes. Most delicious made with REALLY fresh fish.

Chef_punkinthefirst, Jun 5, 5:29 pm

Ohhhhh so many ways! Don't use an olive oil that is too full of flavour or it can overwhelm this delicate flesh. Enjoy!

Chef_awoftam, Jun 5, 6:43 pm

Chuck it in a microwave oven for a couple of minutes.
If not cooked, give it short bursts about 15 - 20 seconds.
Let it stand for a mo as it will keep cooking.

Chef_bowla3, Jun 6, 2:23 pm

Growing up at ours we ate a dish with snapper, rice, potato, onion, bake. There was always a fight over who got to scrape the crispy rice from the side of the roasting pan. Another was a dish called 'bruit'. Casserole dish with ratatouille like tomato based veggies with fish pieces resting in it. Also snapper wrapped in baking paper and tin foil to make steam parcels, dob of butter, splash white wine, spring onions sliced, coriander, kaffir lime leaves and lemon slices. Serve over jasmine rice, use the liquid to flavour the rice.

Chef_daarhn, Jun 17, 2:11 pm

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