Cost of fudge at a cake stall

bubbles22222, Mar 20, 9:28pm
this i have also posted in parenting. What would you cost 10 pieces at in a plastic container with cellophane and a ribbon. I am making more than one container but after a price to sell per container . It for a cake stall for a fundraiser for our local school. I am wanting to price it as the person running the cake stall wouldn't have a clue and i would be disappointed if it was sold too cheap

harrislucinda, Mar 20, 9:33pm
$5 a tray as a slice of cake in a cafe is $2=50 a slice too much as wont sell

valentino, Mar 21, 9:37am
Just put a nice price as you see it especially if you making it simply out of LOVE !

Next time shopping, check out the different prices from supermarket to specialist - Gourmet choc-sweet stores.

Also depends on the size but the average sizes for 10 pieces would make it quite a larger than normal given sized amounts.

Suggest perhaps for $5, have 6 or 7 pieces about 2cm cubic allround size.
10 pieces is looking at a figure where change is required unless they are quite large say 2.5cm cubic then $10 would not look too much.

Quality is a key for pricing and only you know this and the need to be very honest.

Cheers and hopes this helps.

duckmoon, Dec 9, 12:07am
i make russian fudge for our school fair.
I cut one batch in 48 pieces (I pour into a rectangular container, and cut into squares 8x6).

six squares go into a cellophane bag, and sell for $3 a bag. (decile 10 community)

I would have two comments:
Not sure why you are investing (code for : paying for) a plastic box plus a cellophane bag -
and 10 squares is quiet a large serving. so, you should be charging around $5.50 per bag.

but not sure I would pay that much . smaller bag would sell for the same cost per square.

There is a premium which fudge attracts a premium. most people can bake a cake. not every one can make fudge
The reason why I make fudge is the ratio between cost of ingredients and the price when sold

Cost of ingredients for one batch of russian fudge - around $4.20
price when sold - $24

I can't do that margin when I bake a cake

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