Freezing corgettes

Wonder if you can freeze courgettes or would they go all mushie

Chef_sticky232, Feb 2, 8:29 pm

They will go all mushy, but thats ok with me because I make surplus into soup

Chef_lilyfield, Feb 2, 8:34 pm

grate and freeze - soups and fritters.

Chef_ahaaaaa, Feb 2, 8:42 pm

may improve if you squeeze excess water out after grating

Chef_motorbo, Feb 2, 9:10 pm

pickle them

Chef_pussy01, Feb 2, 9:15 pm

Yes, they can be frozen, just grate, bag & put in the freezer. They can go into quiches, muffins, omlettes and savoury slices. Just drain well once thawed, I do this in a seive lined with a chux cloth. I also make a zucchini chocolate cake with them too.

Chef_nauru, Apr 2, 6:15 am

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