ChopSuey And Chow Mein

Can someone give me a recipe for chop suey and chow mein just enough for four people ps

Chef_mber2, May 27, 4:06 pm

Chef_petal1955, May 27, 4:57 pm

Or has anyone got the Island recipe of Chop Suey and Chow Mein ps

Chef_mber2, May 27, 6:41 pm

This one?


500g Blade Steak (thinly sliced into 2 to 3cm strips)
1 large Onion (coarsely diced)
8 Cloves Garlic (finely diced)
50g Ginger (finely diced)
100g Bean Vermicelli
750mls to1 Lt Water
100mls Dark Soy Sauce
100mls Peanut Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste
Optional Ingredients

2 Cups Mix Vegetables
100g Smoked Bacon
50mls Oyster Sauce
100g cooked shelled shrimps
Cooking time 30 minutes (not including preparation)

Serves four to six people.

Put water in bowl and soak vermicelli for 1/2 an hour. Then cut with scissors when vermicelli is soft along the middle and corners.

Heat oil on high, when sizzling add garlic and ginger fry till about to turn brown then add onion, cook till clear. Add all meat and fry till cooked then add half of soy sauce and cook for about two minutes then add vermicelli and mix vegetables stir well then simmer for 5 minutes or until vermicelli is clear on low heat. Then add Oyster Sauce. Add more Soy Sauce if needed to bring color to brown.

Meat best prepared the day before marinate with half measures of soy sauce, garlic and ginger and refrigerate.

Serve with rice.

Chef_awoftam, May 27, 6:44 pm

Chef_petal1955, May 28, 6:33 am

Buy a packet of those Crispy Noodles, red or yellow packet, and there is a great recipe on the back. been buying for yonks and only just read the recipe a few weeks ago and made it. yummmmo

Chef_korbo, Jul 2, 9:56 pm

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