Crushed biscuits.

Can anyone tell me if it makes a difference how finely you crush up biscuits for a cake or base for cheesecake etc? I was wondering if it actually made any difference if biscuits were coarsely crushed or finely crushed, like for a lolly cake?

Chef_cassie59, Apr 14, 3:23 pm

It up to you if you like chunky or fine like powder no difference to taste

Chef_harrislucinda, Apr 14, 3:42 pm

Yes cassie59, I used to do them by bashing them in a plastic bag, but then started doing them in the food processor. However, I found that they were too finely crushed. So I have now reverted to using the old fashioned way.I think the base is crunchier with more texture when they are not as finely ground.

Chef_lynja, Apr 14, 3:42 pm


Chef_cassie59, Apr 14, 4:15 pm

I tend to leave some finely crumbed and a few chunkier bits - by blitzing a little at a time in food processor. Gives it a bit more texture as said above

Chef_mooshiesmum, Apr 14, 6:38 pm

I only use the processor if I want really fine crumbs, like for a cheesecake. Otherwise its quicker and makes less dishes to just crush them by hand if I'm making fudge cake or lolly cake.

Chef_fefeoc, Oct 11, 1:18 pm

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