Who has a turbo / convection oven.

Baz what are you wanting to know.

Chef_jaybee6, May 9, 12:56 am

I have one, I find it great for smaller meals, if it is one of the ones that grills/microwaves as well, make sure you clean the top (inside) regularly as with convection cooking and grilling in a small area the fat etc is closer to the top and likely to burn/smoke up inside if not cleaned when microwaving

Chef_jacki.e, May 9, 7:05 am

I have had one for absolute yonks. I am onto my third one because they get so much use. I'm sorry I have no other advice than to just peruse the recipe book that should have come with it. I never bake with mine but a friend of mine uses it to make her famous pavlovas and they turn out great.

I recently cut a sheet of silicone into a round to fit onto the bottom. Saves a lot of cleaning up and I also put the sheet onto a rack and use it to toast things like shredded coconut, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pinenuts, pumpkin seeds, etc rather than use a baking tin.

I also use oven bags a lot. I put the meat into the oven bag. If you want the juice to evaporate then cut a big hole on the top once it is laid onto the rack, otherwise don't. The stock can be used in gravy making or saved, cooled, skimmed of fat (if you are a fat phobe) and used as what it is, stock - a particularly rich and intensely flavoured stock.

I usually put whatever I'm roasting in for 3/4 hr at 200dC in the bag on a lower rack then add the roast vege in on the higher rack for ½hr longer. THe rack is often at an angle because of the meat but that doesn't really alter anything. I throw the racks into my D/W.

Chef_buzzy110, May 9, 2:00 pm

Have just got one and love it. It does the roast spuds beautiful. So fast. Should have had one ages ago. Any good pointers out there for these. Please share.

Chef_jaybee6, Aug 15, 12:48 pm

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