Ninja or nutri bullet?

before you spend money,
read this,especially the last few lines

Chef_lilyfield, Jan 18, 10:24 am

Interesting read lilyfield. I don't own any of these new fad gadgets and after reading this article don't intend too! El natural is always best.

Chef_tinyted, Jan 18, 10:50 am

We love our Nutribullet. Fantastic product. There is no way I would eat all the seeds, fruit and vegetables that I put through the Nutribullet. Worth every penny in opinion

Chef_melford, Jan 18, 7:36 pm

I've just bought the Nutri ninja
Can I just put in spinach leaves, berries and ice kind of thing?-
depending what's on special of course! Do I have to add liquid? What do you put in your's?

Chef_bluecat1529, Jan 20, 6:34 pm

You should have got an excellent book with it?
This gives you a good "start up" guide to the way to layer things in.
Then you get to the interesting part of experimenting with mixing veges and fruits (plus nuts and other goodies) and finding combinations you like.

Some recipes you need a little water or juice, it depends on the texture of your finished product - are you after just a drink, or a sauce, or a dessert?

Have a play - you'll be delighted!

PS - raw beetroot is so good for you, and is excellent combined with boysonberries, helps take away the "earthiness" of beetroot.

Chef_autumnwinds, Jan 20, 9:12 pm

I agree, its the only way to get them all down you! lol Also those extremely hard nuts!
And I love the natural healing book and the nutritionist too, very useful and informative.

I think they are an investment in one's health.

Chef_kiwilion, Jan 23, 4:55 pm

What's better? Thoughts please.

Chef_shelley99, Jan 7, 10:42 am

Neither if used a lot.
There is a Aussie one I am looking at for the wife.
Will handle soups as well.
These two have motors at 600 watts and the bullet also has a 900 w option.
The 900 tends to over heat if used for longer than about 30 seconds.
The Aus one is 1200 watts and not much dearer.
Importer in Auckland.
Google the feedback, I did.

Chef_smallwoods, Jan 7, 11:06 am

I have a Nutribullet and its fabulous.

Chef_kiwilion, Jan 8, 4:36 pm

Just eat the fruit.

Chef_alancj, Jan 8, 4:44 pm

I am enjoying my Nutri Ninja Slim - $99.99 from M.10. (N.L also have them. )
I took a long time to make my decision, and am very pleased with the choice. There's also the advantage that, if anything goes wrong, I'm dealing with a trusted local store/staff, not someone at the end of a TV commercial phone line.

700 watt motor, very quick to pulse to very fine drink, and one of the best feature is the base - very small footprint and a silicon non-slide base. 2 x 470 ml "glasses" with a "sipper top. That (the sipper top) is perhaps the least wonderful aspect of the unit as one tends to catch one's nose on the top (and I don't have a big one!).

Quickly demolishes ice, frozens, etc to fine juice with little fuss, great recipe book, and the blades are very efficient.

DON'T get anything of this type that doesn't pulse (ie that stays on all the time until you stop it) as I was advised that this is what burns out the motors of the cheapies, they cant take whirring the fluids for more than 40 seconds at a time. And you really only need 3 x 3-5 sec pulse, tops, with the unit I bought.

Chef_autumnwinds, Jan 8, 9:10 pm

I have the Magic Bullet,been told beetroot very good for you ,do I boil this first or can motor mulch fresh my fruit smoothies.

Chef_jord37, Jan 13, 10:27 pm

Nutribullet, I have. but I got mine through Aliexpress. $120, after being converted into NZ dollars, free postage, NZ plug and took about 7 days for delivery.

Chef_brajama, Jan 15, 7:43 am

From memory, when I rang and asked NZ number for a price,, it was going to cost close on $300.

Chef_brajama, Apr 28, 11:12 pm

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