Looking at a new oven.

As I do a fair bit of baking and lots of extended family meals I would like a new 90cm wide oven. Would love to hear your recommendations. In some I have looked at the usable oven space seems limited? They don't look that much wider than my white 15 yr old standard Fisher and Paykel oven. I have a limited budget so cant afford a top of the range model. Thanks in advance.

Chef_linda125, Jun 14, 7:37 am

At this stage I'm looking at gas hob with electric oven.

Chef_linda125, Jun 14, 7:39 am

Westinghouse, Elba, Bosch? Any recommendations? Looking for large oven space and gas hob.

Chef_linda125, Jun 16, 5:14 pm

Go see the guys in Betta Electrical in your town, they are awesome (IMO) and will show you whats what, impartially.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 16, 7:46 pm

I am after the same thing. Don't want to go to a shop, its much better to hear opinions from people who have used them not a salesman.

Chef_joybells2, Jun 17, 3:49 pm

No impartiality there! Everyone will say their own is best lol. I suggested Betta Electrical as I have used them in 3 cities and have found them brilliant. If you want opinions from people on here there was a discussion about ovens very recently. You could try searching for it. Was quite long, from memory.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 17, 4:58 pm

I love my new Westinghouse. I got it from Noel lemmings. I choose this one due to it being have the largest inside space. So excellent for Baking & roasting. Can highly recommend.

Chef_leebee35, May 21, 5:13 am

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