Freezing meals

what are some good meals to make then freeze.

I'm going away for a couple of days and leaving hubby and two kids at home what are some meals that I can make and freeze for them

Chef_hotpants2009, Jun 23, 9:23 pm

This one - copied from the chicken recipes thread (I made a large pot of this a couple of weekends ago and froze it into one person portions):

This is glorious - I am having it tonight. Don't be put off by the list of ingredients they are all pretty basic stuff. I use free range pork bacon as opposed to duck bacon. I never have left overs when I cook this - it disappears.

awoftam (14 14 positive feedback) 6:44 pm, Mon 22 Jun #9

Chef_awoftam, Jun 23, 9:26 pm

Bolognese mince is quick to make and freezes well and then Hubby can just cook spaghetti to serve it on. I always freeze left over casseroles (if I am quick enough before they get eaten) and some soup freezes well too. You could also crumb some schnitzel and freeze that, then he would only have to prepare a few veggies to go with it. I also make homemade pies and they freeze well too (as long as you make fresh pastry, don't refreeze the premade frozen kind).

Chef_pony_girl, Jun 23, 9:28 pm

I have found lasagne freezes well or cottage pie. Make some extra of what you are making for tea and dish up on plates and plastic wrap and freeze.

Chef_joybells2, May 6, 9:06 pm

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