Pasta + pesto+salmon + prawns.Suggestions please.

tullamore, Nov 4, 4:27am
Please anyone. What else can I add? PS it's tinned salmon

paora-tm, Nov 4, 4:39am
Nothing. Don't you have more than enough flavour already. :)

tullamore, Nov 4, 4:44am
Hubby likes creamy sauce, what should I add to the pesto to make it creamier?

paora-tm, Nov 4, 4:45am

tullamore, Nov 4, 4:47am
Yum but none on hand, guess I could just make a white sauce, pesto will flavour it.

ryanm2, Nov 4, 6:50am
The tinned salmon will ruin it. - Get rid of the salmon and add cheery tomatoes. Or, buy smoked salmon.

daarhn, Nov 4, 9:12am
Make a quick base sauce by frying onions in olive oil until golden.
Add well drained tinned salmon.
Fry until salmon has that crunchy fried look.
Stir in pesto.
Add to well drained pasta.
If using prawns. Fry of prawns and minced garlic in same frying pan until pink.
Toss in chopped parsley.
Gently fold prawns through pasta.
Serve in big warmed bowl
Squeeze over lemon juice, sprinkle with cracked pepper, shaved Parmesan and fried bread crumbs infused with lemon zest
Optional. roast punnet cherry tomatoes and scatter on top

tullamore, Jul 20, 7:17pm
Thanks all, you are right ryanm2, it wasn't so good but seeing your post daarhn, will try that next time. Cheers.

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