Which egg or which Witches egg

rainrain1, Feb 27, 3:08am
is the absolute free range, and which is the artificial coloured one?


rainrain1, Feb 27, 3:47am

griffo4, Feb 27, 4:29am
Right free range

rainrain1, Feb 27, 4:30am
No takers. the beautiful orange one on the right is total free range

griffo4, Feb 27, 5:40am
Yep l thought so and stated above
My chooks lay eggs like that every day and they taste yum

lythande1, Feb 27, 5:22pm
Free range or not has nothing to do with colour. Colour comes from eating green leafy plants. if you fed the caged chook the same thing, the colour would be the same.

rainrain1, Jan 28, 5:50pm
Who said otherwise? I'm talking about colour, not what they are fed
My point is in the difference in colour between the complete free range and the caged artificially coloured. The look and taste is quite different to those that know

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