Chicken recipe , wings with coca cola please

Has anyone got the recipe

Chef_rosella2, Apr 8, 4:50 pm

I'll have to hunt it out for you. stumbled over it the other day. Yummy - got it from a Hong Hong Chinese cooking class I did about 15years ago.

Chef_leebee35, Apr 8, 7:43 pm

Also google thai chicken recipes - common street food! Yum!

Chef_julie55, Apr 8, 8:15 pm

chicken nibbles/drums.put in casserole dish.pour over coke, but do not cover chicken. 2 packets French onion soup.cook for 45mins-1 hour.lift out chicken and pour liquid into a pot, bring to a boil and thicken with cornflour. then pour overtop the chicken. Sprinkle chopped parsley or spring onions on top. Serve with rice/salad and crusty bread

Chef_korbo, Apr 8, 9:38 pm

do hope you are able to find the recipe and thank you

Chef_rosella2, Apr 9, 12:07 pm

Just read this recipe going to try it on visitors tomorrow.

Chef_jude2, Apr 12, 9:34 pm

Yum! We had this for dinner tonight and kids have asked for a repeat! Thank you, Korbo, I think it will be one of those super easy dinners that looks as if I made an effort! Sorry, posted twice so deleted one. oops.

Chef_shepa1, Oct 11, 6:56 am

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