Egg plant stuffers!

doug57, Feb 12, 4:35am
yes I can cook and I can google. . BUT. . have never stuffed egg plants before today. . and there MUST be a trick that I need to know!
I washed them, cut ends off, halved them lengthwise, brushed with oil and baked for 20 mins. cooled and scooped out flesh to add to spicy lamb mix and feta. But one shell I scooped THROUGH the skin! Grr, and the others went sort of floppy! . . I've filled them [as best I could anyway] and know they'll taste yum, but presentation leaves a lot to be desired! lol

So. . what's the secret to 'perfect' stuffed eggplants please?

* editted because I clearly have a problem typing! *

davidt4, Feb 12, 5:05am
You need to scoop out the flesh before you cook them, leaving at least a cm shell. Make sure the filling isn't too wet or they will still collapse.

It's best to use fairly small eggplants for stuffingas they look better. and are less likely to sag.

doug57, Feb 12, 5:59am
I wondered if scooping them out first was the way to go! . . But silly me, I followed the recipe online!
I'll try that next time. . 99c for eggplants at the moment. . lucky we all like them so much! Thanks

uli, Feb 12, 6:09am
99c where ? ? ? ?

cookessentials, Feb 12, 6:12am
Always scoop out raw. I do this when making Imam Bayeldi which is a Turkish stuffed apricot. I cut in half lengthwise, then score gently around the edge with a sharp pariing knife. I use a teaspoon to scoop out, taking care not to go through the skin. I salt the shells and the flesh and set them into a colander over the sink for 30 mins, then rinse well and dry with paper towels. The filling is fairly moist as it has tinned tomatoes in it as well as the cut up flesh, onion, coriander and cumin powder - mixture spooned into shells and sprinkled with cheese and baked at 170C until tender and golden.

uli, Feb 12, 6:18am
Apricot? ? ?

winnie231, Feb 12, 7:22am
:) I think Pam has more than one recipe on her mind ... Imam Bayeldiis definately stuffed aubergine!

cookessentials, Feb 12, 7:29am
Ha ha... dont know what I was thinking about at the time, sorry about that! - Yes it is aubergine

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