So many bumped threads tonight .

Unlikely since their alter ego probably posted in them .

Chef_sarahb5, May 28, 9:46 pm

Oh, you are. Make the most of it as I'm sure the rest of us will get our turn. The operators of the speed dial have been a little lax lately.

Chef_kay141, May 29, 9:17 am

I look forward to checking out my favourite boards but it seems to take less time lately as fewer people are contributing and that is unfortunate as some of the best and most helpful advice I have found has been here.
It is nice to learn from other people's experience or knowledge and sometimes the extensive reading and searching that has been done.

Chef_eljayv, May 29, 9:49 am

Sarah, I've posted in threads too only to find it being an old thread and I had posted in it on the same thing, yes it's frustrating.

Chef_nauru, May 29, 11:29 am

I find myself checking the dates before I read a thread these days. Too many being bumped which were battlegrounds the first round or nothing new is being added. I suspect some the battleground ones are being bumped to see if they can start it again.

Chef_kay141, May 29, 11:41 am

There is no need to bump threads if you want to read or search them. Some of the ones being bumped have so many posts deleted, the gist of the conversation is lost.

Chef_kay141, May 29, 11:42 am

However, if there is a thread that's about to be moved into oblivion from the last page of posts, and it does have good recipes on it that may be of use to others, I think it's a valid reason to bump it up again.
Kay, I do agree though about threads that are more opinion pieces with lots of deleted posts. They're should move into oblivion!

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Jul 1, 12:41 pm

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