Pumpkin soup

isabel57, Jun 16, 8:38am
can the skin be left on the pumpkin while it is cooking and be removed when it is soft,does this affect the finished product?

sarahb5, Jun 16, 8:51am
If I'm roasting the pumpkin to make into soup I leave the skin on - easier

thejewellerybox, Jun 16, 10:20am
Yes you can but I think the flavour is better if you cut it off first and sauté the pumpkin in butter. Roasting it is easier but doesn't have the same depth of flavour. But it's a small difference.

sarahb5, May 23, 2:53am
I prefer roasted with cumin, coriander, ginger, garlic and onion - more intense flavour and easier too

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