Raspberry slice, do you have a recipe

That you are willing to share please?

We love raspberry slice and would like to try and make some.


Chef_korban, Jun 19, 2:21 pm

250gm butter,1/2 c sugar- cream together and add 1 egg. Add 2 cups flour,1/2 tsp BP Mix to a stiff dough Place a large piece of baking paper on the bench and put the blob of dough in the middle, put another piece of paper on the top and use a rolling pin to roll into a large rectangle so that the dough is about 3mm thick. Take top paper off and spread raspberry jam over half the dough and fold over the other half like a sandwich. Press down edges. Slide the whole thing (paper and all) onto an oven tray, this way there is no messy bench with flour on it from rolling out. lol. bake at 150c for about 25 mins or until lighlty golden. When cold ice with icing made with icing sugar, water and raspberry essence And then cut into sqs

0r just roll out brought sweet pastry , spread raspberry jam on half, fold over and bake and ice as above

Chef_pam.delilah, Jun 19, 5:21 pm

Thanks very much

Chef_korban, May 17, 1:04 pm

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