Kids party food-ideas

donna23, Nov 24, 5:57am
Having a party in Jan that there will be quite a few kids at, some ideas for food aimed at kids (2-11yrs) would be good. Food for party will be mainly bbq style, thanks

neville26, Nov 24, 8:22am
bbq sausage in bread or hamburger or american hot dogs? fruit kebabs for afters or ice cream sundaes

valentino, Nov 24, 8:26pm
For 2 to 11 year olds and of the BBQ but keeping to mainly finger food wise is anything that one thinks of in a normal stove or oven bake - grill wise would be much the same.
Cheerios, marinated chicken pieces, sausage rolls, small savouries, even cubes of various items that are heated then onto a toothpick, and so on.

Oh re sausage rolls, and being so young, slice them smaller and simply quick cook - heated on hotplate.

Even mini Tasted sandwiches, these are quarter sized triangles or fingers.

Even do mini egg - flour mixed mini thick omelettes that then can have a wee bit of spaghetti on top being slightly heated via the omelette with a shaving of cheese on top etc.

Just some thoughts for you to think as you have plenty of time even to experiment prior.


edlin, Nov 24, 8:57pm
The mini breakfast sausages would be quicker to cook on the barbecue and less chance of them being left half eaten.Garlic bread is popular with many too. A salad platter with halves of boiled eggs,mini tomatoes,carrot sticks and slices of cucumber would go down better than a salad presented in a bowl. Chicken nibbles and ribs are popular. Thread strawberries,marshmallows and cubes of pineapple alternately on a skewer. Kids love them.

donna23, Nov 25, 7:07am
Thanks for the good ideas people.

sarahb5, Nov 25, 11:50pm
I wouldn't do chicken pieces unless they were guaranteed boneless - too difficult for 2 year olds. Kids will always find something to eat at a BBQ - its one of the reasons they're so popular I think, something for everyone.

sarahb5, Nov 25, 11:51pm
You'll probably get as many adults eating sausage in bread with tomato sauce as kids!

valentino, Nov 26, 1:00am
Great for the older kids, even the older ones and also the very young ones that like just sucking on them (mainly the ones like wings or drumsticks - with that slightly ideal sized bone part), especially pre 2 year olds if any.

sarahb5, Nov 26, 1:11am
No way would I have let my 2 year old suck on a chicken bone of any description at 2 years old - they're far too brittle - but each to their own I guess. I just think you should be able to relax and let your children pick their own food at a BBQ without being supervised the whole time.

valentino, Nov 26, 2:26am
LOL, they don't need to be fully supervised, partially controlled - yes.
As a Parent, that is one's natural thing to do.

Everyone should be able to select whatever one wants as long as the very young ones are watched when ever near a BBQ otherwise all should have a great time and tasting the delights at hand and be relaxed enjoying the occasion. . . Cheers.

sarahb5, Nov 26, 5:37am
So the food should be safe for everyone, partially controlled or not - chicken bones are not a safe option IMHO

jaimee6314, Jun 1, 2:08am
Well personally, I would be with my child helping them choose what to put on their plate until they're at least 4 so chicken wings would be fine. Also they fill up on chips, dip and fruit sticks pretty fast so don't be too tempted to pull out loads of food as it won't get eaten. Cheerio sausages and pizza you could add to your already amazing ideas :)

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