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Do you have a good brine recipe for smoking salmon please?

Chef_buzzy110, Feb 7, 3:52 pm

I make a paste of equal quantities of honey and sea salt plus enough Bourbon to make it spreadable. For a half side of salmon around 3 tab honey, 3 tab salt, 3 tsp Bourbon. Spread it liberally over the non-skin side, leave to cure for up to five days. Baste daily. Rinse off with cold water, pat fish dry, leave uncovered in the fridge for about an hour to form a pellicule.

Chef_davidt4, Feb 7, 6:27 pm

Wow. That looks amazing. Will do that next time. Thanks.

Chef_buzzy110, Feb 8, 4:23 pm

Does this cure it, so that you can eat it, or does it still need to be smoked, / cooked.?.

Chef_aj.2., Feb 8, 5:40 pm

gravadlax , I was trying to think of the term, but have found it, .
David I take it your cure does the same thing.

Chef_aj.2., Feb 8, 5:58 pm

Yes, exactly. I first devised this when I had made a huge piece of gravadlax and we were tired of eating it so I smoked the remainder. It was brilliant and I have ended up tweaking the recipe by adding the Bourbon, and it has become our default method of making hot smoked salmon. It also works really well with trevally.

Edited to say - yes, you can eat the cured salmon raw and it is lovely.

Chef_davidt4, Feb 8, 9:51 pm

Thank you david4.

Chef_aj.2., Feb 9, 4:59 pm

Would be a great way to do trout as well!

Chef_punkinthefirst, Feb 10, 11:38 pm

We smoke sides of salmon regularly and always use this website for the process,though one time I forgot the garlic and didn't think it made much difference
I use the number 1 recipe .


Chef_dreamers, Mar 10, 10:06 pm

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