Preserving green beans

lalacbr, Feb 16, 9:25am
Has anyone here got a recipe for preserving green beans in Agee type jars without using a water bath? Sooooo many this year! I froze them last year but they went really mushy….

lilyfield, Feb 16, 8:23pm

whitehead., Feb 17, 2:38am
salt beans work well i used to do it ,you get a crunchy bean after boiling you have to use just salt with nothing added to it . you wash the beads before you cook them and it would pay to find a bean slicer as they shrink quite a lot and your cutting for ages

whitehead., Feb 17, 2:46am
you can also bottle them in your oven by prepping the beans full your ag jar up to the shoulders add a flat teaspoon of salt and sugar top up to the top with boiling water pop your lid on and screw down tight then unscrew half a turn sit in an roasting dish in about an inch of water turn oven on to 150 when you can see bubbles coming up the side of the jars take out sit on news paper so the cold bench does not crack the bottle and screw down and leave to cool they should pop when the air tight seal is made and you get a slight dip in the lid . its easy and tomatos are just the same but i add some pepper

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