Sugar free Lemon Honey

trish, Jun 19, 3:35am
Has anyone got a fail-safe recipe for this? My Diabetic husband would like some.

kay141, Jun 19, 3:41am
What's the difference between using sugar and using honey? I use honey in my winter lemon drinks but no sugar. I add ginger as well.

gertie, Jun 19, 3:42am
Honey is sugar. just a different form

awoftam, Jun 19, 4:59am
Yip, as is maple sugar, coconut sugar and all the other 'natural' sugars we are being told (falsely) are good for us.

Have you tried using dextrose - it is effectively sugar without the fructose (which is the real baddie)and is about a third as sweet as sugar. As long as he doesn't have a tablespoon on his toast would be okay I would think? My mum has had type 1 diabetes since she was 9 (she is now 77) and she would eat this, sparingly.

Edit to say I have just googled and found this - the curd would be great and uses stevia. Hope it all helps!

245sam, Jun 25, 3:10am
bumped for trish :-))

trish, Jun 28, 11:28pm
Thnx very much - sounds great and will try it out soon! Cheers, Pat.

lythande1, Apr 25, 12:55am
Fructose and dextrose are two different types of sugar. For example, fruit contains fructose, while milk supplies lactose, maltose can be found in beer and malt whiskey, and fruits and plant saps are sources of dextrose.

Dextrose or glucose, the type of sugar used to measure blood sugar levels, is a primary source of energy for almost all cells of the body, including brain cells. The body manufactures it from carbohydrates like fruit, cereal, bread, pasta and rice.

Fructose, the sugar that gives fruit its sweet flavor, is also present in vegetables and honey.
Fructose and glucose have a lot in common. Fructose, however, does not cause insulin secretions, as glucose(dextrose) does.

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