Apple & Raspberry Pie.

My daughter has requested an Apple and Raspberry Pie for dessert tonight. I have tinned raspberries and apple pie filling, can I just make pastry and make individual pies in ramekins somehow?

Chef_daffy71, May 25, 2:43 pm

Might be a bit late now but have you thought of making an apple and raspberry meringue pie - i.e. Pre-cook the pastry into a pie case, add the mixed fruit together (Personally I'd heat that mix), put into the case and put a meringue mix on top, bake till the meringue is cooked.

Chef_buzzy110, May 25, 3:37 pm

what about combining both and putting a sponge on top

Chef_harrislucinda, May 25, 4:05 pm

OK I have made sweet short pastry for the bottom, fruit filling and might do a crumble mix on top. Any good crumble recipes?

Chef_daffy71, May 25, 4:17 pm

if you use the search on the side there was a thread about crumble recipes l will see if l can find it and bump it up for you

Chef_griffo4, May 25, 5:15 pm

Found the one you bumped, thank you griffo4!

Chef_daffy71, Jul 11, 12:49 pm

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