How to dissolve gelatine properly?

My recipe has 2 TBS gelatine dissolved in 3/4 cup of boiling water. I sprinkle the gelatine over the water and stir, but always end up with a glucky ball floating around. I'm sure this didn't happen with the different make of gelatine I used to use but can't seem to get it at supermarket now.

Chef_just4jess, Jun 27, 9:58 am

would use cold first as hot water is cooking it

Chef_harrislucinda, Jun 27, 10:22 am

Try pouring the hot water on to the gelatin instead of sprinkling it on top of the hot water. Stiring the water as you do this

Chef_texastwo, Jun 27, 10:55 am

You need to soak the gelatine in cold water first until it rehydrates and expands (this is called "blooming"), then dissolve it in hot liquid.

Chef_davidt4, Jun 27, 11:02 am

The common brand gelatine packet I have just says to stir it briskly into hot water, but I agree, soaking in cold first is better.

Chef_kaddiew, Jun 27, 12:44 pm

No, always mix in cold water, then warm it up before using.

Chef_flower-child01, Jun 27, 6:36 pm

In a bowl, Sprinkle gelatine on top of cold water, do not stir. Leave it for about ten minutes.
In a pot bring to boil the rest of your ingredients, ie sugar, water, flavourings/colour.
Place bowl of gelatine mixture into micowave until hot , stir. Add this
to your pot mixture, stir well then leave to cool and set.

Chef_tinabops, Apr 28, 6:42 am

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