Spring Rolls

If you buy the pastry for spring rolls then fill and roll them etc. - can you bake them instead of deep frying?

The ingredients look like phyllo pastry - so I wondered if I could just brush them with a bit of water or butter and then bake in the oven - or even steam?

Has anyone tried this?

Chef_uli, Jul 14, 4:00 pm

You can buy spring roll wrappers, I have baked them in the oven and just sprinkled with oil.

Chef_joybells2, Jul 14, 5:25 pm

Yes you can definitely bake them in the oven . as per joybells2

Chef_karlymouse, Jul 14, 10:11 pm

I always bake my spring rolls, find deep fried ones way too greasy. I have also baked them in my snack maker too, they just need a light brush of oil. I buy the fresh wrappers and divide into packs of 6 and wrap and freeze, then just have to take out whatever number I need, defrost, fill and bake.

Chef_nauru, Mar 11, 11:01 pm

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