I have a tiny pinhole in my stockpot does anyone know what I can get to fix it, don't want to toss it, cost me $50 tia

Chef_willy911, Jul 22, 11:15 am

If stainless steel you can try to get it welded, costs probably more than $50.
Especially if it is that very thin Chinese stuff.

If Aluminium I would throw it out.

Chef_uli, Jul 22, 11:31 am

This was as a common problem 60 years ago with enamel pots.Used to buy a pack of special nuts bolts and washers from a Hardware shop to put through the hole and tighten up. I was quite common to have a number of these in the same pot. I don't believe you can buy these sets now BUT a small stainless nut and bolt may work

Chef_snapperheadrkp, Jul 22, 11:36 am

keep an eye out in op shops they show up some times

Chef_whitehead., Feb 21, 6:53 am

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