Chicken cooked in coke

Seem to have lost the recipe I know it has one can coke bbq sauce or tomato sauce (in slow cooker) what else is put in with it I made this in Korea and it was so yummy any help please

Chef_3fatcats, Feb 22, 5:19 pm

equal parts coke/ sauce/ brown sugar = Sticky licky chicken

Chef_fuller10, Feb 22, 5:40 pm

Really . you forgot to mention FAT if its cooked whole in a slow cooker

Chef_karlymouse, Feb 22, 6:17 pm

Thanks for that I will be using drum sticks for this recipe

Chef_3fatcats, Feb 24, 9:39 am

My recipe has 2 cloves crushed garlic and 1/2 c light soy sauce to 2 cans of coke.
I have also found that diet coke does not work!

Chef_propagator, Feb 25, 2:22 pm

This sounds nice. I'm no Chef so perhaps its within my ability range. Just trying to check. When you say equal parts coke/sauce/brown sugar. is the sauce tomato or Soy?. also what temp and how long would you suggest cooking for? Thanks. Geoff

Chef_geoff136, Feb 25, 3:52 pm

any updates?

Chef_geoff136, Feb 26, 11:46 am

geoff136 - this recipe came from a very popular poster (Tommi) in here years ago & everyone was making it.

mix 2 cans of coke (not zero)
1/4c soy sauce
sprinkle garlic powder

place chicken in a big pan & pour mixture over
simmer 15mins
remove chicken
turn heat up & reduce liquid
return chicken & coat in sauce as it gradually thickens & chicken cooked through

Naughty, but nice.

Chef_sue1955, Feb 26, 3:12 pm

I've done a very similar one with 600mls of ginger ale mixed with a Packet of onion soup (or half a packet each of mushroom soup and onion soup) - pour over chicken pieces and bake in oven for about an hour.
I have coke so I'm going to give the above recipe a try!

Chef_supersapper, Feb 26, 5:48 pm

thanks Ladies, I will give it a whirl.

Chef_wilma60, Jan 20, 9:17 pm

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