HELP with cake... please!

uber.noob, May 6, 11:52pm
I currently have a banana cake in the oven and decided to double the recipe and have just checked on it and the edges are starting to brown and cook quicker than the middle what can I do so it will cook evenly? TIA

kabbo, May 6, 11:55pm
maybe you could try putting tin foil over the top, to stop the browning, but to keep it cooking for the middle.

uber.noob, May 6, 11:56pm
okies will try that thanks heaps, May 7, 12:01am
Also turn the heat down just a little, say 7-10 deg maybe.

If it's fanbake, you could turn off the fan, (and then prob not turn down the heat so much). The cake should be sitting at or below the middle of the oven also. And I agree with the tinfoil advice.

I always bake without the fan unless I'm baking bikkies, I find the results are a lot more controllable.

Good luck.

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