Oven decisions - help!

I seem to be taking a VERY long time to choose an oven for our new kitchen - in fact, it's the thing that's holding progress up.

Maybe you guys have some ideas for me? I'm a busy mum of three young kids who spends a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and baking. I cook double a lot and freeze meals (would always cook a couple of lasagnes rather than just one etc) - and bake in bulk.

It'll be an underbench built-in oven (s), am getting an induction cooktop - yay! Would you choose:

One oven, extra wide (maybe a 90cm oven).
Two normal sized ovens (side by side).
One oven, upgrade the bbq and cook all the meat outside (husbands idea).

Not interested in a half-sized oven - they are a pain.

Leaning towards fisher and paykel as I can get a super deal on them - but reviews aren't fantastic so not completely sure.

If you cook /bake a lot - what would you choose? And would it be pyrolytic (I think yes).

Thanks in advance - will check back later to see if anyone has replied.

Chef_ravo, Jul 24, 2:11 pm

I love my new(ish) oven and it suits my/our needs very well - but - for what you want it would drive you nuts (too small). Some days I miss the extra size (not often but it does happen from time to time - previous oven was a dinosaur that possibly had a Narnia Land tucked away in its mysterious depths for all I know!). Which leads me to vote with option 1 - extra wide. As for option 3, sure, telly hubby it was a nice try lol. Maybe Santa will bring him a new Barbie if he's a really good boy. :)

PS - I do not miss the extra $$$ that my old oven consumed if you so much as glanced at it in passing but I'm guessing that most new appliances are much more energy efficient than those from circa dinosaurs roaming the earth.

Good luck - hope you get exactly what you want.

Chef_sampa, Jul 24, 3:17 pm

Thanks - It seems silly to stress about an oven but I want to get it right first time!

Chef_ravo, Jul 24, 3:20 pm

Mine is extra big and extra small side by side. The big one is gas and the small one is electric. I actually find that I use the small one most cooking for 4 adults, two of whom are larger eaters. The big one is great for baking biscuits and large legs of lamb but I find otherwise I can fit a roast in and do the veges on another tray in the small one, and casseroles except extra large one's . In your case a tray of lasagne would need to go in the big oven.

Chef_arielbooks, Jul 24, 3:53 pm

I inherited a new F & P oven in my present house and I absolutely hate it. The fan can't be turned off, so there is no difference between the various settings, the seal on the edge of the door doesn't seal properly, the grill doesn't get hot enough. I hardly ever bake cakes or biscuits so I haven't replaced it, but I would never buy another one.

Chef_davidt4, Jul 24, 5:15 pm


Chef_cagivachick1, Jul 24, 5:24 pm

bump! Gutted to hear that about F&P ovens!

Chef_ravo, Jul 24, 6:31 pm

My experience is the same as davidt4 - had a F&P and did not like it at all, I had a lot of problems with the seal on the door too, and the grill was very dodgy with hot spots in some places and didn't brown anything in others. Also (and it is just personal opinion) I do not like induction cooktop's either, although I don't personally have one, both my sister and Mum do - and they have both had problems with them. My preference is for gas cooktops and electric ovens - and I now am lucky enough to have the oven of my dreams, it is an Ilve Nostalgie - it has 3 gas burners, plus a wok burner and a huge hotplate (heated by gas) on top - a full size electric oven and a smaller size oven too ( I can fit a full size roasting dish in the smaller oven, so it's not that little). It is been the most fantastic stove I have ever owned, but they are not cheap (about $13000.00 new) - I was very lucky and brought this one off trade me, from a seller who had brought it over from South Africa (brand new) to put in a new house they planned to build, they then purchased a ready built house and the stove didn't fit, so we brought it. very very lucky. Good luck with your choices.

Chef_pony_girl, Jul 24, 6:51 pm

wow pony_girl that oven sounds amazing! We can't have gas though as the cooktop is going in front of a window. I have liked the induction stoves that I've tried so far. but always good to hear about other experiences.

Chef_ravo, Jul 24, 7:03 pm

Take a look at these.


I know of a person who has one, absolutely loves it esp with a large family and gatherings.


Chef_valentino, Feb 19, 12:45 pm

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