Bread & butter pudding made with hot cross buns.

Looking for recipe, please

Chef_gojojo2, Apr 8, 5:02 pm

Same like any other

Chef_lilyfield, Apr 8, 5:09 pm

But omit sugar? The buns would be sweet enough?

Chef_gojojo2, Apr 8, 5:17 pm

We had one in the weekend - recipe from Woman's Weekly. We weren't that impressed. It didn't have enough egg custard, for a start. It also wasn't that interesting. You'd be better off just substituting bun slices for white bread in your favourite bread and butter pudding. Jamie Oliver has an interesting variation.

Chef_paora-tm, Apr 8, 5:28 pm

Thanks. I think I will use my usual (very old) recipe and let the custard mix soak for up to an hour to make sure the buns are not dried. So many recipes and version though!

Chef_gojojo2, Apr 8, 5:44 pm

yes this does sound good yum yum :)

Chef_sandhu, Apr 8, 6:34 pm

Chef_korban, Apr 8, 7:23 pm

Thanks. will use this as a guideline. Can't tolerate cream so will replace with milk.

Chef_gojojo2, Apr 8, 7:35 pm

I recycled a batch of homemade hot cross buns (that could have been used as small missiles if needed they were that hard) into bread and butter pudding one year thinking I'd be able to convince the then teen in our household to eat it cause, hey it was food and had sugar in it after all lol, only to find that what I had made was The Best bread and butter pud ever leaving us to all fight over portion size. :)

Go for it - yum!

Chef_sampa, Apr 9, 9:14 am

I use Nigella's Caramel crossant pudding, well adapted to the bread I have available. I use muscavado sugar and real vanilla essence and a good slosh of bourbon. Soak bread for a few hours, bake and serve with lashings of french vanilla icecream and whipped cream. Sooo yummy

Chef_bisloy, Oct 19, 2:46 pm

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