500 grams of butter.

Are you getting the whole 500 grams ?.

Chef_pickles7, Mar 21, 1:06 pm

Are you suggesting that the pack says 500g and you are getting less? I doubt that happens.

Chef_kay141, Mar 21, 1:09 pm

I am saying that.
The butter we weighed was just under with paper still on.

Chef_pickles7, Mar 21, 1:26 pm

I have a pack of Mainland in the fridge. It's wrapped in tinfoil and I have just weighed it. Just over 500g. I would complain to the makers if it is less than that.

Chef_kay141, Mar 21, 2:53 pm

Why did you weigh it . surely you couldn't tell it was 'just under' by any other way, could you?

Chef_samanya, Mar 21, 4:21 pm

Can't really say I have ever thought to check

Chef_luvmykicks, Mar 21, 4:38 pm

Hhhmm Dairymaid with paper on, a fraction under 500gms here.

Chef_kay34, Mar 23, 1:31 pm

And your scales are not certified, as they would be in the processing plants.

Chef_aj.2., Dec 4, 3:07 pm

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