Bolar Roast - Any good?

Are Bolar Roasts any good? Or are they mean and tough?

Chef_carter441, Jun 2, 1:17 pm

dry. Ideally cook it in a slow cooker with lots of gravy for cooking and serving. Edit: no, I was thinking of topside. Disregard me.

Chef_ange164, Jun 2, 1:26 pm

Bolar roasts are the best. Years ago when I always bought topside roast or rolled roast my lovely neighbourhood butcher advised me to buy bolar (which way back then was cheaper than the other two). Anyway I did and have bought bolar ever since. They are very tender and tasty.

Chef_janbodean, Jun 2, 1:28 pm

I have never had a dry one no matter how I cook it and Have certainly never found the need to cook it in plenty of gravy. However once its cooked the drippings make the best gravy.

Chef_janbodean, Jun 2, 1:30 pm

Thanks for this everyone. I could not remember which was best topside or bolar. Sounds like Bolar is the goer! I think I recall roasting one once coated in a mustard and soy sauce baste, possibly an Alison Holst recipe.

Chef_carter441, Jun 2, 1:55 pm

What temperature do people roast them on? I have a fan bake oven.

Chef_carter441, Jun 2, 1:56 pm

yes bolar is best just 350 deg is a moderate oven so cant go wrong

Chef_harrislucinda, Jun 2, 2:17 pm

I haven't done one for ages, but I rolled it in salt and pepper, into oven at 200 (fanbake) for 30 mins to brown, then wrapped in foil, back in oven at 150 (fanbake) for 3 hrs (depends on weight of roast). Turn oven off and leave to rest for 30 mins.

Chef_firemansgirl, Jun 2, 2:21 pm

They make terrific pot roasts.

Chef_lythande1, Jun 2, 2:27 pm

350 degrees? Surely a typo!

Chef_carter441, Jun 2, 2:44 pm

About 160 degrees.

Chef_janbodean, Jun 2, 3:20 pm

350F that would be.

Chef_camper18, Jun 2, 3:22 pm

Bolar roast and packet maggi onion soup in the slow cooker on low for 6-8 hours. No extra liquid. Turns put with lovely gravy. This is one of our families fav meals - they cook it when I'm not home when they have a gluten fest :)

Chef_mica3, Jun 2, 4:23 pm

I do ours in the crockpot too. Brown it in a pan before putting in crock. I put beef stock in so I can make oodles of gravy. Yumm.

Topside is ok done in crockpot but I still prefer Bolar

Chef_popeye333, Jun 2, 4:38 pm

Thanks everyone

Chef_carter441, Jun 2, 6:27 pm

I like to cook it this way.
Cut a deep pocket in the end through to the middle of the bolar ( take care not to let the knife cut through the side) and stuff it with soft breadcrumbs, moistened with a dash of oil or fat and add mixed herbs as you would a chook. sprinkle with flour salt and pepper , brown it in a pan if you want to then roast it as you would a beef roast either in the oven or a slow cooker. delicious and tender and tasty and it makes a wonderful gravy which you then thicken with some flour and water and add salt and pepper to taste. I usually do roast vegetables to have with it.

Chef_agnes8, Jun 3, 8:44 pm

What part of the beef does bolar roast come from?

Chef_tui93, Jun 4, 6:18 pm

From this site
What`s a bolar roast? It`s a cut from the shoulder area (blade or forequarter) and is suitable for roasting or braising. `The bolar blade comes from the shoulder and is the ideal cut for a beef pot roast. It has a lot of connective tissue that softens and becomes tender when simmered gently for a long period of time. . In other words it requires slow, moist cooking to be tender and moist.

Chef_herself, Jun 4, 6:35 pm

I do bolar roast in the crockpot too. With onions and red wine, salt and chillies - no packet sauces. Then thicken the gravy with flour or starch and some cream and more wine.

Chef_fishplants, Jun 5, 3:28 pm

Bolar, I put a slit in the side and stuff it with bread stuffing, really really yummy.

Chef_just_cruzin, Jun 5, 3:36 pm

I use this recipe all the time with both topside and bolar. Tablespoon of soy, oil and mustard mixed to a paste and brush all over meat . Makes awesome gravy! 160c or 1 1/2 hours easy peasy.

Chef_rari64, Jun 5, 4:29 pm

Baked as per usual with a little water, I've found the bolar roast to be moist and tender, am impressed with it. Given a foil covering about half way through.

Chef_kiwilion, Jun 5, 4:44 pm

130 deg 50 mins for every 500g, fill pan with cup of water. so tender, I got that recipe off here

Chef_mattdylan, Jun 5, 8:56 pm

slowcooker, stuff or have plain rub with oil crushed garlic s/p brown all sides, cut onions into chunks put into cooker sit meat on it add cup water for extra gravy drizzle some balsamic vinegar over top for added flavour with couple rosemary twigs and cook. Rest make yummy onion gravy from juices.

Chef_fifie, Jun 5, 10:22 pm

Hi Jan do you not add any water? How do you add the soup mix? Do you put the dry powder under the meat?


Chef_timturtle, Jun 6, 7:40 pm

YUM! Never thought of stuffing it. The flavour would go all through the meat I am off to buy a bolar tomorrow!

Chef_awoftam, Jun 6, 7:51 pm

I do beef similar to this but only difference before I put the beef in I roll it in dry pkt soup (1 each of onion soup and mushroom soup). I brush the oil around the sc and cook on high for 5 hours (can do it 8-10 on low) no water added. And no it doesn't go dry the beef produces its own liquids which you can then make gravy with, I thicken with cornflour water mix and a pkt of rich brown gravy then cook for 20 minutes while meat rests. It has always worked for me with no issues

Chef_madj, Jun 16, 2:12 pm

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