Green beans from the garden are yuck!

Beans done anyway are revolting ! IMO Anyway.

Chef_wheelz, Jan 17, 11:59 pm

Have a huge crop of beans. Have frozen heaps, began with blanching first before freezing. When I cooked them they were inedible - chewy, floppy and watery. Did a google then froze some un-blanched hoping they would be better. They aren't! Thought I might be over-cooking them, but it doesn't matter if they are in boiling water for 1 min or 5 mins, they are still inedible.
Real disappointment. Does anyone have any ideas please on how to cook them so they are edible.?

Chef_sunflower18, Jan 13, 8:13 am

what about steaming

Chef_harrislucinda, Jan 13, 8:40 am

always freeze them whole, when cut they absorb water inside, which makes them 'floppy"
and do not top and tail either. which injures them. You can eat the tops and tails, not the stems attached tho
do not over cook,.2min. at most

Chef_lilyfield, Jan 13, 8:58 am

Ahh, maybe that is where I have gone wrong. I have frozen them whole but did top and tail them.
Will give steaming a try.

Chef_sunflower18, Jan 13, 9:06 am

I cut them into diagonals after topping and tailing, taking side threads off ( scarlet runners) and briefly blanching, they are still bright green. Then freeze them, they are fine during the year.

Chef_katalin2, Jan 13, 9:16 am

Sounds to me like you are picking them too late. Pick when still young and tender. What are they like fresh?

Chef_beaker59, Jan 13, 9:39 am

When I pick them they are fine, ie, hard. Here's a pic of how big they are.

Chef_sunflower18, Jan 13, 10:17 am

Those look well matured I would pick younger for freezing.

Chef_beaker59, Jan 13, 11:20 am

If they are tough you are leaving them on the bush too long, we always pick them when they are young. I top and tail and cut, wash and freeze - never blanch them and they are fine.

Chef_joybells2, Jan 13, 11:44 am

As beaker59 says, too old!

Chef_jia5, Jan 13, 11:48 am

Thank you everyone!

Chef_sunflower18, Jan 13, 1:33 pm

No, sounds to me like the freezing process didn't go well.
That' exactly how frozen stuff goes when it either thawed and refroze or froze too slowly.

You did cool them in ice water thoroughly first? Then extract all the air from the bags?

Chef_lythande1, Jan 13, 1:35 pm

Ditto to those two questions.

Chef_buzzy110, Jan 13, 3:08 pm

When I blanched some, yip, straight into water with ice cubes then zip lock bag with air removed. I thought maybe I had blanched them for too long, that is why I tried freezing them just raw, but didn't make any difference.
Just another thought, do you need to make sure they are thoroughly dried off after blanching, before freezing maybe?

Chef_sunflower18, Jan 13, 3:13 pm

Thanks for your input. They aren't tough, they are all rubbery and watery!

Chef_sunflower18, Jan 13, 3:14 pm

It is a bit of a dilemma you have. I do know, that despite others singing the praises of freezing vegetables in here, that the resultant product is never as nice as fresh. I think that even factory processed frozen vegetables, with the exception of peas, are really naff in terms of taste and texture and I squirm with mild disgust every time I read someone recommending using mixed frozen vegetables.

When I freeze beans I usually use my vacuum packer and I only put them in soups and stews or dishes where the contents are pureed. This helps mask what I think of as "not the best I've ever tasted" but lets me have them in a meals anyway.

Chef_buzzy110, Jan 13, 3:43 pm

Have to agree buzzy about frozen beans they have to be very young and processed perfectly to be reasonable when frozen otherwise just eat them fresh. The exception being some varieties of climbing beans like scarlet runners if picked young which can freeze very well.

Chef_beaker59, Jan 14, 4:08 pm

We grow Scarlet Runners which I freeze as always huge crop. I cut them up, quick blanch, into freezer. Use them as basis for stews, soups etc winter. Saves thickening anything much and must have goodness!

Chef_sla11, Jan 15, 6:28 pm

I am dehydrating my surplus this year. We did not use all I froze last year. The dehydrated beans we don't use over winter, will last forever. I did a pile of capsicums, and am most impressed with them.

Chef_pickles7, May 11, 1:15 pm

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