Pumpkin soup and coconut milk/cream

Have my soup boiling away on the stove, and wondering when do you put the coconut milk or cream in, to give it a Thai flavour. Cant find my orginal recipe. thanks

Chef_korbo, Aug 2, 9:59 am

Add it last, after it's been blended, that's what I do

Chef_rainrain1, Aug 2, 10:09 am

Whilst the soup is bubbling add a pinch of chilli powder, then once blended, put in the coconut cream.

Chef_dogbond, Aug 2, 10:15 am

I use sweet chilli sauce & do the same.

Chef_samanya, Aug 2, 2:20 pm

I flavour with red or green Thai paste - delicious.

Chef_jenny253, Aug 2, 3:47 pm

I add coconut milk/cream after I blend it. I don't use the thai curry pastes as a vego, but when I add korma curry paste to my soup it is added after I soften the onions.

Chef_suzannelg, Aug 2, 4:47 pm

thanks everyone. added some just before serving and delicimo.

Chef_korbo, Aug 2, 4:58 pm

Yummo! Always have a jar in the fridge, will try that next time!

Chef_dogbond, Jan 27, 12:55 pm

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