Hearts of Palm - where to get?

While living in the Middle East for 4 years I regularly bought hearts of palm, either canned in jarred. Had previously tried them in UK.
Am desperate to have them again and every Google search has come to dead end with no stock. I will go through the few places that have had them and ask when they will be getting stock but though someone on here might know a supplier. Yum

Chef_natalie9, Jun 23, 9:11 pm

I purchase of this company - great supplier, and fast delivery even tho it comes from the US. Have never had a problem and sometimes it is cheaper to buy products like Navitas from them than to buy here. Every product I have brought is organic and sustainable as well. Ethical trader.


They look interesting - how do you personally eat them?

Chef_awoftam, Jun 23, 9:21 pm

I have bought them in NZ but cant remember exactly where. Think it was most likely in an Asian supermarket. They were in a glass jar.

Chef_frances1266, Jun 24, 9:54 am

Check local Asian type shops as has been suggested or I was going to offer the same link as awoftam. have purchased from iherbs previously and found them to be fast to deliver, good products, reasonable delivery fee (mine was $8.00) and they offered a 'new customer' 10% discount (not sure if that still applies).

Chef_sampa, Jun 24, 10:51 am

Thanks, didn't think of Asian shops and might try a bulk order from iherb, organic too yay.

I like them on their own straight from the tin/jar but great with dips or on antipasto platter or chopped in salad. Such a lovely consistency and soooo tasty. Try them if you get a chance.

Chef_natalie9, Jun 24, 11:32 am

I am def going to buy them when I do my next iherb order.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 24, 2:09 pm

Yes do. I just ate a tin of asparagus as a poor replacement

Chef_natalie9, Jun 24, 2:17 pm

Its a pity I no longer live in Auckland could have gone halvesies in a bulk order from iherb as when your order hits $40-00 the shipping reduces hugely. Not sure I want 10 tins tho lol. Will buy some other stuff.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 24, 2:35 pm

Darn it, same as you awoftam. wanna try them now but 10 tins of something previously untried is a bit OTT so will have to wait till my next Iherbs purchase too. :(

meanwhile will trawl the mysterious depths of the local Asian food shop in hope of discovering some.

Chef_sampa, Jun 25, 8:30 am

Please do update if/when you try them. And if find another local supplier will let you know!

Chef_natalie9, Jun 25, 2:38 pm

Yes lol I have googled and trawled everything I can think of! Fascinated by them!

Chef_awoftam, May 3, 3:17 pm

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