Hint: to store dry yeast

flower-child01, Sep 19, 7:32pm
To keep dry yeast longer, keep in a zip lock plastic bag, with air removed, in a cool place, be it refrigerator or a cool cupboard.

To remove the air, I roll the bag up against me, bottom up, expelling the air as I go, then zip it up.

Prior to keeping yeast this way I kept it in the container I bought it in, and had it going off way before the expiry date. since discovering this storage idea, have had no problems of yeast going off.

lilyfield, Sep 19, 8:22pm
I keep all my yeast in deepfreeze , use from frozen, lasts at least one year

flower-child01, Sep 19, 9:13pm
The important thing to remember if freezing, is to bring it to room temperature before using.

village.green, Sep 20, 12:04am
Whoops that is maybe where I went wrong last year buying 500g of yeast as it was cheap ($4) taking out (from frozen) what I needed and trying to put into warm water to activate. Well it didn't work and I tried numerous times and wondered whether I had killed it. I am back to buying the small containers from supermarket now.

lythande1, Sep 20, 12:21am
Mine lives in a plastic jar. but I make bread every 2 days so it doesn't get time to go off.

lilyfield, Sep 20, 12:35am
I always use it frozen, no problems ever

deanna14, Sep 20, 1:28am
I buy the Surebake yeast when it is on special, I store it in the garage with all our bulk stores, cold in the winter and warm in the summer, I am often use it well past it's best before with no deterioration in the end result. But if I ever have a problem I will try this. Flour can be stored in the freezer too. I buy 6-8 big sacks at a time, and no issues yet, so not in the freezer yet.

uli, Sep 20, 3:23am
Surebake "yeast" has also baking powder in it and a host of other things. So even if the yeast gets weak it will still rise the loaf. Hence the name :)

Dried yeast lasts in a normal kitchen cupboard for at least a year. I have had it frozen or fridged and saw no real difference.
I always just put warm water and a spoonful of sugar with it and it frothes up within 10 minutes.

nauru, Sep 20, 6:25am
I always keep mine in the freezer too and use straight from there. Never had a problem and been doing it that way since I bought my first breadmaker many years ago, bread turns out well every time.

nauru, Sep 20, 6:34am
Could have been a bad batch of yeast as it should have worked.

buzzy110, Sep 21, 3:00am
I wonder if the baking powder is what gives some breadmaker bread that "cakey" texture. Friends love their breamakers but I am always amazed at just how "unbreadlike" their finished loaves always are. They just lack that real bread texture. They don't seem to notice though. Maybe it is what they got used to.

noelinevc, Sep 21, 4:50am
I can not see baking powder in the ingredient list

Yeast, wheat flour, emulsifiers (481, 472e), flour treatment agent (ascorbic acid), sugar, vegetable oil, enzymes

I agree that it is not just yeast alone but it has not got baking powder in it and if you kill the yeast in surebake your bread will not rise! Adding Vitamin C to your yeast can improve your rise which is why surebake contains it as a "bread improver". I keep my yeast in a cool cupboard but have used the freezer too.

uli, Sep 21, 5:54am
I am amazed Noeline VC, when I first encountered it in the supermarket it had baking soda and a few other things in it as well. So I never bought it.

nauru, Oct 12, 1:12am
Noelinevc is correct with the list of ingredients and I have never seen baking powder or soda listed in Surebake ingredients at all.

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