Lunch ideas for guests?

mustu, Dec 21, 7:28am
Looking for an reliable idea/recipe to make for a couple of lunch guests. Just something light to serve with a fresh salad from the garden. Was thinking of making a smoked chicken salad perhaps. ?

thuntzster, Dec 21, 7:41am
Self crusting Quiche?

daarhn, Dec 21, 8:05am
Gourmet pizzas

awoftam, Dec 21, 8:39am
salt encrusted guinea pig

charli, Dec 21, 8:45am
Frittata, quiche, cold meats, salmon all lovely with a green salad.

michellew2k, Dec 21, 8:53am
what do you usually have for lunch? have you asked them what they like?

autumnwinds, Dec 21, 8:56am
not for me, ta.
Something in the "smoked chicken" (it's a misnomer. ) brining/smoking process causes me to come out in a rash, and have heard of others getting the same reaction, so check with your guests?

daarhn, Dec 21, 9:01am
That signature dish of yours working for ya?

sally63, Dec 21, 9:07am
Mmmm self encrusted guinea pig. My fav.

daarhn, Dec 21, 9:10am
Cuy in Peru or Cuyes in Spain is a common meal

mustu, Dec 21, 10:22am
Thanks to the few who made helpful suggestions. I have decided to serve a seasonal platter which will include mini cheese muffins with smoked salmon cream cheese, curried eggs, sesame chicken wings, pastrami with homemade relishes, camembert wedges, pear slices, nuts etc, etc. That way there will be something for everybody no matter their likes or dislikes.

autumnwinds, Mar 17, 5:48pm
sounds yum!

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