Right, a stovetop recipe for my new oven please!

Today we are getting our new oven delivered - and it has an induction cooktop! Our current oven has the old fashioned coils on the hob, and they only go red, no matter what temperature setting you use (thermostat must be stuffed). So what's an awesome, easy, stovetop recipe I can use tonight to christen it? TIA!

Chef_nicwil, Jun 13, 11:08 am

thats what happens to our new stove those coils just go red even when on low yes thermostat stuff very dangerous as new stove wont be buying another just have to get a electrical guy in sorry no recipe

Chef_harrislucinda, Jun 13, 12:10 pm

Hmmm, just recently and finally got my new oven with a ceramic stove top, yeah a real learning curve especially when it re-adjusts itself re the stove top elements so my suggestion is try cooking a large batch of Home-made Vegetable soup but making the basic soup stock first by simmering some bacon bones first, remove the bones, strip any meat of bones and meat back into stock without the bones then whatever veges barley etc. and bring back up to simmer again.

Take note of various times, heating stages, including and boiling - bubbling etc.

This is the true and a learning test re getting to know your new stovetop elements.

All the best.

Chef_valentino, Jun 13, 12:29 pm

I've recently switched to an induction hob and it does take a little while to get used to it ( had gas previously). . Valentinos idea of making a soup is excellent for becoming familiar with heating times etc.
Only stove top thing I wouldn't recommend is wok cooking as even with an induction wok, you can't get the heat necessary. I still use a gas burner if I'm using my wok.
Otherwise have fun !

Chef_cardiffgirl, Jun 13, 12:54 pm

Be careful as it heats very very quick. Easy to burn. Have you the correct saucepans otherwise the stove top won't heat. Takes a little while to get use to.

Chef_thewomble1, Jun 13, 8:52 pm

What about a risotto, as you have to stand over this whilst cooking, so you would be able to monitor temps etc

Chef_ruby19, May 29, 10:17 pm

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