Brisket - What is it called now?

I am going to try and make corned beef, but am not sure what cut of meat to buy. Does anyone know what brisket is called now?


Chef_timturtle, May 9, 9:54 am

brisket is a another cut of corned meat. Nice corned beef is Corned Silverside

Chef_petal1955, May 9, 10:08 am

Does silverside go by another name? Thanks

Chef_timturtle, May 9, 10:26 am

Corned beef

Chef_lilyfield, May 9, 10:52 am

Brisket is still brisket and comes from the breast of a beast and silverside is still silverside and comes from the back leg is what I was taught when I learnt the butchering trade and nothing had changed when I retired 10 years ago

Chef_mouse265, May 9, 10:54 am

Exactly. Complete opposite ends of the animal. Both cuts can be corned, but Silverside is the most common corned beef in NZ.

Chef_flancrest, May 9, 11:36 am

Not if they have been hit by a freight truck doing 90km/hr, the brisket will be pretty close to the rear end.

Chef_smallwoods, May 9, 9:15 pm

silverside is similar to topside if you are wanting to try your hand at corning your own. or a rolled roast is again similar to corned brisket.
Not the similar to, not necessarily the same as

Chef_cgvl, May 10, 11:11 am

Haven't seen rolled corned brisket for years, do they still make it?

Chef_beaker59, May 10, 11:38 am

thanks that is what I was after. Cheers

Chef_timturtle, May 10, 12:25 pm

We still corn the brisket, it's lovely, we prefer it to the Silverside

Chef_rainrain1, May 10, 2:07 pm

Can you share your recipe? Thanks

Chef_timturtle, Aug 13, 5:17 am

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