I would like some recipies for 100 pax.

Im doing a lot of cooking in a resthome. and would like some nice recipies for 100 people. i have tried converting recipies to 100. but not always a good idea. Does anyone know a site that would have these recipies.


Chef_may321, Feb 16, 3:28 pm

Get yourself some professional cookbooks.They're expensive, but cut out a lot of faffing about.
If you don't want to do that, start by looking at your portion sizes (e.g., 90 gms cooked meat - a serving - is equivalent of 115 gms of raw meat - so for 100 pax you would need to cook roughly 11.5 kg of meat, and multiply all other ingredients up to suit). It's easy to convert favourite recipes using this method, especially if you can write a spreadsheet, and means you can order ingredients according to the number of people you are going to feed, thereby keeping a tight eye on food costs. Chefs do it all the time.
You also have to keep a firm eye on the equipment you have to work with. some recipes just don't work in a commercial situation like yours (Fried steak comes to mind.)

Chef_punkinthefirst, Feb 17, 10:14 am


You could gather up a few ideas from that site.

Chef_pickles7, Feb 17, 10:52 am

I have lots of recipes, from a resthome kitchen. I may post some up on my site later. I found the folder in a garage sale. I will take a look at them tonight.

Chef_pickles7, Feb 17, 11:12 am

that would b great. thanks

Chef_may321, Feb 17, 5:41 pm

thanks for all your replies. if anyone has anything else to add. Please do.

Chef_may321, Feb 19, 2:11 pm

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