Grapes preservation:

I have some beautiful ripe grapes given to me. I wld like them to last for Easter weekend coming up. can anyone recommend a way of doing this. I have thought of freezing, Any ideas wld be welcome. Thanks.

Chef_porsche9, Mar 12, 11:00 am

You can't. You could freeze - or bottle or something but they won't be anything like they are fresh.

Chef_lythande1, Mar 12, 1:53 pm

Thank you, it was worth asking but I thought there maybe an answer.

Chef_porsche9, Mar 12, 4:05 pm

You can freeze them and use them to pop into drinks - champagne cocktails or similar for example or to decorate a cold dessert with. Or do this (Jamies take on using frozen grapes) -

Chef_sampa, Mar 12, 4:11 pm

You could dehydrate them?
But depending on the variety, they might give you really bad gas.

Chef_twelve12, Mar 12, 4:22 pm

Make them into wine.

Chef_wasgonna, Mar 12, 4:33 pm


Chef_sampa, Mar 12, 4:41 pm

yeah, then I could make vinegar with your wine

Chef_pickles7, Mar 12, 4:53 pm

You're excellent at all forms of vinegar, aren't you.

Chef_samanya, Jan 2, 7:02 am

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