Breville Mixer on special at Farmers!

Lilyfield, you seem to talking about a processor, not a mixer?
Yes, I saw them today in HN and Farmer, big stainless steel beasts - the Scraper Pro model that Consumer rates highly.

Chef_wron, Jan 12, 3:38 pm

oops,, had a senior moment back in June
yes processor I bought. And what a beast it is. Still very happy with it.

Chef_lilyfield, Jan 12, 3:47 pm

Just thought I would share this link. I bought one of these yesterday & its an awesome machine, down from $739 to $499. Just made a pavlova with it today!

Chef_dex250, Jun 7, 10:28 am

$444 at Harvey Normans today and until end of month.Got mine as well, very happy , made wonderful thinly sliced slaw

Chef_lilyfield, Jun 7, 5:40 pm

Does the mixer have a shredder as well?

Chef_lyl_guy, Jun 7, 7:46 pm

Ihas four different disks for grating juliennes
Adjusatble thickness slicer
Whipping blade and emusion blade.
Also a seconf bowl for smaller quanteties like herbs
, extra wide continious chute, so great for cabbage pieces.
Measuring marks on the bowls and a timer
Google breville kitchenwhizz pro for details.

Chef_lilyfield, Jun 7, 8:50 pm

Got mine a couple months ago when HN reopened in Porirua for $388. It's awesome.

Chef_red_scorpio, May 15, 7:19 am

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