The onion opening to a flower recipe.

I think it was on here that I saw a link for it. the onion was cut diagonally across several times, then soaked in water to peel each layer back to make a flower shape, or the layers were carefully peeled back. crumbed mix pushed into it then baked. I think that's how it was.
Did anyone keep the recipe please? I haven't found it in here or on the internet. Thanks for your help.
I need to go out now, will be back later, hoping for the recipe. thanks :-)

Chef_floralsun, Jul 5, 2:22 pm

Just popping back as I head out the door - thankyou :-) that's the one I was looking for, thought I'd make it as a snack for a pot-luck lunch tomorrow. Thanks so much - have a lovely day :-)

Chef_floralsun, Jul 5, 2:39 pm

Adding a note - Baked these for the pot-luck lunch as per the link above, sliced them crosswise in thin slices, placed in a deep casserole dish filled with cold water, lid on, and in fridge overnight. They opened out beautifully without any opening needed to be done by hand.

About 45 minutes before needed, drained well in a colander, upside down, while mixing crumbs.
Placed them on baking paper lined dish, drizzled lightly beaten egg over them, used wholemeal crumbs mixed with a little salt and some cumin and curry powder's, sprinkled this mix over the onions, opening them out slightly with a fork so the mix went down into the layers. Covered loosely with foil.
Baked 30 minutes at 180C with foil over, then about 10 minutes with foil off, until tender, and the tips slightly blackened.
We served them as a finger food with a creamy feta and cream cheese dip another person had brought - sooo delicious and they were the first dish of goodies that was empty. A definite make again dish and highly recommended.

Chef_floralsun, Feb 18, 1:56 pm

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