Masterchef duo book out

unknowndisorder, Apr 12, 2:33am
saw it today for the first time, actually got tempted, but not at the moment.

wondering if anyone has got it yet?

priscilla2, Apr 13, 10:10pm
Yes I bought one for my daughter ,it has some great simple recipes in it and lovely photography (not just food).I will probably buy one for myself as well.

rasin11, Apr 14, 1:14am
Its too big and heavy for my mother. Needs plenty of bench space.

murfee, Apr 14, 1:27am
It seems reasonably priced and they said on their FB page that if you buy it through their website they will write a personal message at no extra cost apart from $9.50 postage. On their FB page they are doing a give away to promote and celebrate their new book

pogram0, Oct 11, 7:56am
I have an issue with the recipe that appeared in The Herald this morning attributed to Karena and Casey . The recipe is for scones and it is 2 cups of SR flour, 100g butter, 1 cup of milk and a pinch of salt. I have never seen a recipe for scones that has 100g of butter in it. That is far too much. The photo of the scones is very white whereas I know that if I have ever put too much butter in my scones they come out very yellow. You would think they would check their recipes before they go to publication.

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