Come dine is coming to NZ :)

Chef_holly-rocks, Jun 10, 5:40 pm

Can't wait, it should be a disgusting hoot

Chef_rainrain1, Jun 10, 5:45 pm

I agree! Hope the narrator is as good as the UK one ( probably not though) Looking forward to watching :D

Chef_holly-rocks, Jun 10, 5:58 pm

Whatever happened to Campbell Live?

Chef_venna2, Jun 10, 6:10 pm

Bring it on! I'm just surprised that there are enough people willing to make idiots of themselves.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Jun 10, 6:23 pm

It will be crap, but only because guy Williams is the host / narrator

Chef_makinmoney, Jun 10, 6:28 pm

What is with all these cheap nasty, reality shows? Where is the decent TV we used to have 30 yrs back? Decent comedy, current affairs, travel, nature etc.
Hardly worth pressing the remote now. Thank gawd for DVD's.
Frankly the real talented programmers have buggered off overseas, they saw the writing on the wall.

Chef_cleggyboy, Jun 10, 6:43 pm

I'm not surprised at all. The promise of money makes idiots of many as the current reality shows indicate. I can think of several on these boards who would be very suitable but I only know their trading names.

Chef_kay141, Jun 10, 7:27 pm

In the Campbell live slot they must think we are so dumb, I won't be wanting it utter rubbish.

Chef_infinityjrc, Jun 10, 9:34 pm

Oh god.
Put bunch of incompatible people together, watch them cook (often badly) and behave like idiots.
who watches this crap?

Chef_lythande1, Jun 11, 7:05 am


Chef_rainrain1, Jun 11, 7:54 am

LOL, my first thought was 4 whom remain nameless with a fifth (a Neutral) to make up one heck of a Bun Fight, LOL.

My son noted to us quite some time ago "Who would you like to see at a Dinner Table, first one was Jesus, next the Devil, then Hitler or Stalin, Billy Graham or William Carey and ME (the son) ! ", thought at the time it was a cracker. Yep, nothing better than a good BUN FIGHT !

Chef_valentino, Jun 11, 9:54 am

Do you mean good as in enjoyable - or good as in he's such a prat and so appalling that I just want to smack him every time I hear his voice?

The latter for me.

Chef_kaddiew, Jun 11, 11:01 am

Good as enjoyable ~ I think he is really funny ! But i know of people who don't like him either.
I personally want to smack the Big save furniture girl every time she opens her mouth! . Stop yelling at us!

Chef_holly-rocks, Jun 11, 2:25 pm

Oh yes!

Chef_kaddiew, Jun 11, 3:40 pm

The problem with trainwreck tv shows coming to our tiny piece of Paradise is we're all BOUND to know someone on them (either directly or by association). Shudder.

Chef_battgirl, Jun 11, 3:49 pm

Well I'd love to do this :) But then I love cooking and entertaining and have do all sort of neat dinner parties that have got a bit crazy :) Cryptic Crossword Menu :) Ok mostly with people I know :) Has been the odd ring-in but a couple of wines and they get the idea. Wrong time on TV slot for me but may have a look in from time to time. Mind you I'd just love to put myself to the test cooking wise.

Chef_anne1955, Jun 11, 6:06 pm

Me too

Chef_rainrain1, Jun 11, 6:32 pm

I think he's enjoyable too! Love that show but cant believe how uneducated they are about cooking! Sometimes I wonder if they pretend to not know what the foreign dishes are, and mispronounce them for a laugh. My husband has to leave the room as he cant stand it.

Chef_wendalls, Jun 11, 10:54 pm

Even worse than I feared.

Chef_kaddiew, Jun 16, 7:34 pm

Well why not give it a go, there is an Apply Now button at the top of the page.-

Chef_kiwilion, Jun 16, 10:22 pm

Went to TV3+1 for that one hour later and got the feeling that the producers are only interested in anything silly that can be conjured up and not much about the meals and comments.

I wanted to see what others really do but it was very disappointing and concentrated on the personalities and hinting other meanings of choice of words used, (hopefully this makes sense). Is this the norm these days?

Chef_valentino, Jun 17, 9:48 am

Yes, I'm afraid that's the norm for this programme! Can't stand the UK version of it, and the NZ one seems even worse - if that's at all possible. And as for the narrator. I wanted to smack the UK one - I REALLY want to smack the NZ one.

I'm done watching it after one episode, but others will love it.

Chef_kaddiew, Jun 17, 10:25 am

Same here. I thought it was painful to watch a group of embarrassing themselves with their behaviour. A crap show IMO

Chef_samanya, Jun 17, 10:33 am

I watched it ondemand, mainly out of curiosity after reading others negative comments. I have to agree, it was rubbish. Same as the UK one which was OK when it first aired but went downhill at a rapid pace after the first series.

Chef_nauru, Jun 17, 6:08 pm

Burger and chips really !

Chef_fat-like-me, Jun 17, 7:26 pm

i take it back. i liked it tonight. its not a cooking show its entertainment

Chef_motorbo, Jun 17, 7:44 pm

Agreed. Bring back Campbell Live. What fools to cancel the show. HATE newsworthy. Not 'newsworthy' at all, just a big BLAH. Refuse to watch it.

Chef_rozigurl, Jun 17, 8:41 pm

No, the trailers are enough.
I confess to watching the UK Baking competition show though.

Chef_lythande1, Jun 18, 6:37 am

Oh god.
Put bunch of incompatible people together, watch them cook (often badly) and behave like idiots.
who watches this crap?

I agree, I hate reality shows especially cooking shows where idiots cant even manage to cook a decent meal

Chef_joybells2, Jun 18, 8:04 am

Have to confess, I watched about 5 minutes of the first episode, and then it was ta ta, bye bye

Chef_rainrain1, Jun 18, 9:26 am

Ditto. I guess its one saving grace is that it helps elevate MKR a little!

Chef_kaddiew, Jun 18, 9:50 am

Its shocking isnt it!
That old guy gives me the creeps!
Its wrong on so many levels!
Where do they find these people!
Watched half of 2 episodes and thats enough for me!

Chef_holly-rocks, Jun 18, 1:44 pm

Oh yes, it is such a horrible tv show. and you are right about the creepy old guy.
They are still advertising for more people to go on it. Will TV3 be happy with replacing Campbell Live with this crap.

Chef_ruby2014, Jun 18, 3:52 pm

Haa haa . my thoughts exactly. Sat through the 2nd show, to give it a fair chance & still think it's absolute cr**!
MKR is starting to look better, in spite of the long drawn out process of elimination.

Chef_samanya, Jun 18, 6:37 pm

You find that entertaining?
I don't & I find it an insult to intelligence as well as cringe worthy.
I hope it's only shown in NZ!

Chef_samanya, Jun 18, 6:42 pm

Yes I think the Weldon/Christie management team will be very happy with the way they are dumbing down the channel content. Christie specialises in this sort of rubbish. According to NBR today Mark Weldon has personally recruited Rachel Glucina to Mediaworks for a new show. Gurgler, here comes TV3.

Chef_eastie3, Jun 18, 7:16 pm

I think they are all stoned! 0.o

Chef_holly-rocks, Jun 18, 7:18 pm

Well the steak looks good tonight.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Jun 18, 7:26 pm

I don't think Tony has a wife, only a broom wife, he 'keeps in the closet'

Chef_rockie6, Jun 18, 7:30 pm

WHAT? The food let him down? Best food so far. At least it was home made and not store bought.

Chef_rockie6, Jun 18, 7:32 pm

Yes and at least he knows what a steak is and how to cook it. Those females are an embarrassment to our sex!

Chef_strebor1, May 20, 6:08 am

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