Frozen Sweet Breads

Have some in the freezer. How long do I have to freeze for before I use. Been there four days.

Thanking you.

Chef_betash, Jul 3, 2:20 pm

I don't freeze mine

Chef_kaeloch, Jul 3, 2:22 pm

I do not normally either but were too good to miss on special. Also can I feed to my small dog cooked?

Chef_betash, Jul 3, 2:26 pm

you are going to cook them frozen?

Chef_pericles, Jul 3, 2:28 pm

No, definitely not, thaw them out.

Chef_betash, Jul 3, 2:29 pm

Ahhhhh - surely you wouldn't waste them on a dog!
No trouble feeding them cooked (or raw) to your dog if you must.

Chef_kaeloch, Jul 3, 2:41 pm

You don't NEED to freeze them before cooking, but you can freeze them if you need to. Just thaw before cooking

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 3, 5:48 pm

Dont freeze before cooking, rinse well in cold running water simmer 15 minutes drain cool toss in seasoned flour then dip in beaten egg then panko bread crumbs, put in fridge 30 mins to set crumbs and shallow frylittle oil and knob butter till crumbs are golden. Other way simmer drain throw them in a white sauce with diced onion and plenty of garlic sweated off and sauted some chopped parsley heat through serve on toast or mashed spuds. Wouldn't feed them to my dog to expensive.

Chef_fifie, Apr 14, 6:09 am

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